zactrack on tour with Fettes Brot

29.04. - 12.05.2010


Application of the zactrack system at the tour 2010 of "Fettes Brot"

The German hip-hop trio "Fettes Brot" will be touring through Germany together with their eight-man band from 29th April to 12th May 2010. For the first time ever a new technology for automated tracking and spotlight operation is on board as well. zactrack will make sure that the cool moves of Doc Rent, König Boris and Björn Beton will appear in the right light. 

zactrack is an automated following spot system designed for open-air events, theatre stages and studios. Any number of performers can be registered in a 3D computer model. zactrack controls and precisely aligns moving lights and special effects equipment controlled by the DMX 512 standard protocol.

"zactrack allows the actors a maximum of mobility. The stars are sure to stand in the spotlight or to be in the focus of the camera at any given moment. That works for hip-hop artists as well as for ice dancing or snowboarding down a half-pipe!" claims Werner Petricek, CEO of the Viennese software forge.

zactrack uses radio waves to track the actors. The surveillance area is equipped with four to eight base stations. Every performer wears a transponder no bigger than a mobile phone. A central computer calculates the exact position of the performer within the surveillance area. The system covers a maximum area of one square mile. For even larger areas multiple systems can be used in concord. The system's large surveillance range makes zactrack an ideal choice for sports events. One system can capture entire football grounds, ski jumps and ice rinks. Within the surveillance range as many performers as desired can be monitored simultaneously to accuracy of +/- 2 inches.

zkoor develops software and computer systems for alignment and computer graphics in 3D space. The technology is developed for use with stage, studio and lighting professionals and is also suitable for computer graphics for television and the Internet.

Besides its first performance at the German tour concerts of "Fettes Brot", the zactrack system is already being successfully used at the show "Holiday on Ice" and will be in action at the German pavilion of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

zactrack - freedom to move




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