zactrack at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Shanghai, 1.5.2010

Expo Shanghai: Austrian technology at the German pavilion

Germany is setting out to excite the audience at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai with a sophisticated interactive video installation. The highlight is the so called "energy source", a mobile video sphere. 600 people can experience this show first hand at the same time. Furthermore, they themselves will become a part of it. Visitors are accompanied by the two protagonists, a young German and Chinese. They guide the audience through the performance, which takes about five minutes.

Also on board: a new kind of automated lighting control technology from Austria. Zactrack makes sure that the movements of both actors are lit perfectly. Not putting them on the spot, but in the right light. Zactrack is an automated following-spot-system for open air events, theatre stages and studios. Any given number of performers are captured simultaneously using a 3D coputer model. Zactrack then adjusts with most precision and operates all lights and effect devices automatically. Therefore it allows the actors a maximum of mobility. The protagonists are sure to stand in the spotlight or to be in the focus of the camera at any given moment.

"That works in case of theatre actors as well as ice dancing or snowboarding down a half-pipe!" adds the CEO of the Viennese software forge, Mr. Werner Petricek.

The company zactrack develops and distributes applications, computer systems and devices for stage mechanics, studio operations, light and media engineering.

Besides its performance at the German pavilion of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the zactrack system is already successfully in use at the show "Holiday on Ice" and will be in action at the Germany tour concerts of "Fettes Brot" for the first time.


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