zactrack Sensor-Live-Music-Project



Successful premiere of the "Sensor Live Electronic Music Project" using the zactrack technology

Under the leadership of professor Peter Burwik the exxj...ensemble xx. jahrhundert has been planning a music motion computer live electronic project for several years. This ambitious endeavour could only be realised through the introduction of the zactrack technology.

The movements to the live music during the dancer`s performance are tracked by zactrack and linked to an electronic sound-processing unit. The dancer`s spontaneous interactions alter and alienate the live music in real-time. While the orchestra, the dancer and the electronic sound-processing unit are in continious feedback, they create a constantly changing sound experience. The dancer`s movements are translated by zactrack into control signals for various lighting effects. The performance is lit with four scanners (Futurelight SC780): two white frontal lights and two coloured highlights. After the successful premiere at the so called "House of Encounter Rudolfsheim" in Vienna on the 19th June 2007, this innovative project will be presented to a broader audience for the first time at the "Ars Electronica Festival" in Linz.

Program Karlheinz Essl "blur / red"
Morton Feldman "I met Heine on Rue Füerstenberg"
Johannes Kretz "dynamische gewächse" 

exxj...ensemble xx. jahrhundert Renate Linortner - flute, Daniel Hörth - clarinette, Harald Ossberger - piano, Berndt Thurner - percussion and drums, Bojidara Kouzmanova - violin, Theodora Miteva - violoncello, Belinda Lucota - sopran

, Peter Burwik and 

Karlheinz Essl - conductors,  Johannes Kretz - live electronic and 
Sabina Holzer - dance.


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