zacturn computer hardware is based on standard PC-components, with high-performance 3D graphics and electronic sensors for transferring rotational movement. In addition, the terminal is equipped with a network connector to LAN or W-LAN, for live video transmission and maintenance work. The complete hardware is

contained within the monitor arm and the column.

zacturn can be delivered including a 16:9 flatscreen monitor, with a diagonal of 30" to 65" (76 cm to 165 cm). Central power is controlled through a main switch and is safeguarded against overload and faulty current. All circuits go through the floor plate. If necessary, the whole unit can be moved easily on a trolley.
The zacturn standard control bar is equipped with two rubber handles and four illuminated keys. For special purposes, any number of supplementary
user elements may be attached, including a vandal-proof keyboard.



The contents in a zacturn presentation are processed in an easy-to-handle folder structure. Maintenance work is done locally on the rotating terminal, or through a PC in the network. Modifications in the contents can be done quick and easily by the customers themselves. The supplementary information layer can be recorded on through HTML files. The network attachment supplies continuous current information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, weather data, etc. This would allow you to offer additional advertising space, for example, for presentations in tourist areas.

The zacturn system software saves all userinteractions and the status of the terminal on detailed log files. Statistical evaluation of visits and the technical condition of the terminal are created automatically and published directly on the terminal through its own website. This page is protected with log in and password and can be accessed locally or through the network.



LCD or plasma flat-screen monitor: 36”-65” diagonal (91-165 cm)
Column diameter, with ring, approx. 79” (200 cm)
Height (including 42” plasma monitor): 69” (175 cm)
Weight (incl. 42” plasma monitor): 440lbs (200 kg)

Electrical output:
Voltage: 100-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: <500 W

Operating temperature:
Recommended: 59°-95°F (15°-35°C)
Range (limits): 41°-95°F (5°-35°C)

Power connection: AC power plug
Network connection: RJ45, W-LAN optional

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