A different kind of Augmented Reality    

A digital scope with “Augmented Reality” – Functionality. The construction pivots and tilts in all directions just like a usual telescope. But the difference is, that zacturn SCOPE overlays additional information regarding the currently viewed objects like texts, animations or videos exactly on the right spot.    







Virtual Reality for mobile devices

The future of IT lies in mobile devices. From now on all zacturn contents are available for mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. And virtual reality presentations work on desktop PC’s over internet as well.







360° Terminals - Turn up the world

The zacturn Panorama Terminal opens up a brand new world of interactive presentation. The panoramic view of both the real and virtual worlds invites visitors to make their own investigations. A flat-screen is mounted above a rotating column, on which images can be viewed over a 360° range. The whole column can be rotated continuously around its own axis. The viewer controls the field of vision by rotating the monitor. Tilting the monitor arm allows the viewer to look up and down.

zacturn is easy to operate. The presentation is spectacular, and guarantees a real experience for everyone in the target audience, as well as for casual bystanders.

Selection is carried out through the zacturn interactive menu. Similar to a circular picture gallery, individual units are presented as moving windows on the wall. By turning the column to “zero in” on a picture, then clicking on the selection key on the handle, the viewer “moves” right into the presentation.

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