A different kind of Augmented Reality

Imagine you are on an observation deck somewhere in the Alps and are contemplating the breathtaking panoramic view of the mountainous landscape. Coin-operated binoculars accommodate you with a clear view of the surrounding summits. zacturn SCOPE, however, can do more - it knows what you are currently looking at and gives you all sorts of information: the name of the mountain peak, the height above sea level, the temperature; it shows you hiking trails, the best inns, the names of lakes and towns, and the species of trees in your immediate vicinity, and so much more...

We are talking about “Augmented Reality”

EXPO 2015 - "Breathe Austria"

The Austrian pavilion titled “Breathe Austria” at Milan’s World EXPO 2015 has been dedicated entirely to the issue of “air quality” in our healthy forests. In an oblong wooden construction, a piece of domestic forest and soil has been relocated all the way to Milan by means of careful planting on an area of 560 m².

The method of knowledge transfer for visitors of the pavilion should not disturb the idyll. Therefore, there are no disrupting elements in the forest at all - not even any information boards or the like. Nonetheless, the pavilion seeks to convey the contents about the forest, the ecosystem, and its inhabitants.


zacturn SCOPE

Our new augmented reality scopes are used to convey information in a fascinating and modern way. A viewing monitor and a camera pointing in the viewing direction are mounted on a rotating post. The construction pivots and tilts, which allows viewing in any direction. The visitor points the camera at the forest in the pavilion and looks at the image on the monitor.

In addition to the camera image of the forest augmenting information is displayed. High-resolution computer graphics are superimposed on the video image placing the virtual information in real 3D space. A small magnifying glass appears in the center of the image. The user sees a small magnifying glass in the center of the image. If he pans the telescope over the landscape he will see virtual information markers hovering above interesting objects. When lining up the magnifying glass with such a marker, pieces of information will be displayed. If the visitor aims the zacturn SCOPE at a tree, for example, it will display the plant species, the CO2-oxygen conversion, or its significance for the ecosystem. The pieces of information may contain texts, animations, images as well as audio and video feeds, and will be played back as an overlay on the camera image in the right place automatically.


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