Zacview 2.0: Premiere in Kazakhstan

Interactive 3D visualization at thAstana Opera House , the third largest opera house in the world

In cooperation with SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH, the virtual stage planning software "Vistor" was developed based on the zacview 2.0 engine. This software made possible the realistic visualization of the Astana Opera House prior to its completion and opening on 3rd October 2013. Based on the construction plans, the entire interior was remodeled.


Pre-programming a complete stage transformation

All the stage machinery installed in the opera house can be transformed from the control panel into a virtual simulation. In this way it is possible to pre-program the most complex stage transformations. With the help of the zacview 2.0 engine possible collisions, for example, in transferring load bars, can be identified at an early stage. This simulation also provides a virtual training environment for future operators of the machinery and lighting control.

Pre-programming complex lighting atmospheres

Every spotlight in this opera house is also reconstructed with all its properties in the simulation. In this way, using a commercially available lighting console, complex lighting atmospheres can be pre-programmed.

Managing scenes and scenery

With just a few clicks, external 3D models can be imported into the zacview 2.0 database. This allows simple expansion of the pool of scenery. Within a very short time, for example, a Hansel and Gretel scene can be recreated solely from Google 3D Warehouse models. Each of these scenes can be saved and later used when reloaded. 

Vistor is your friend

Vistor, the high-tech visualization software, brings significant gains in efficiency especially in the phases of developing ideas and rehearsals. With this gain in presentation quality, Vistor guarantees significant savings in development time and the deployment of personnel and technology. Without really starting a single machine or turning on a single spotlight, this visualization offers true reality recognition.

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