Impressions of Theatertag 2013

In its trusted manner, zactrack presented the newest developments in the field of illumination, audio, video and stage technology to visitors on 24 and 25 September,in association with partner companies LDDE, Grothusen, Tüchler, Zehetner and Klik.

What began as a pilot event at the newly renovated Ronacher Theater in 2009, has now become a well-established event. Special attention is placed on the selection of the venue, and the “MuTh”, the new concert hall of the ViennaBoys’Choir, was chosen. The new building for music and theatre productions is an ensemble ofexisting Baroque buildings and modern architecture. The centrepiece is the new concert hall, which is designed using warm materials and bold colours, in contrast to the cool external impression made by the glass and metal elements of the contemporary building.

As support for the hall’s state-of-the-art illumination technology, zactrack installed an automated follow-system for Theatertag 2013. Using 6 base stations, the stage area and the entire auditorium were captured by means of wireless tracking. 6 VL 1000 were used in the front truss as tracking lights. Thanks to Jürgen Erntl’s kind support, show control ran via his MA II.


To present the performance offered by the follow-system, transponders were attached to two participants, who were then able to move freely across the stage and through the auditorium, since they were automatically followed by the moving heads. The assignment of the lights to the participants and the effect control were programmed using the MA II.

The highlight of the evening was when visitors were treated to a performance by singer Julia Reiter. In the spirit of show business, she was also given a zactrack transponder and was therefore able to walk round freely on the stage and in the auditorium during her performance. There was no chance of escaping the limelight.


The MuTh - An ideal presentation space for zactrack’s technology! At this juncture, we would like to express our gratitude to their entire team for their great support – In particular to Ing. Roland Tscherne, the Technical Head of the MuTh!


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