zactrack in action @ the 64th IAA in Frankfurt, Germany

Vienna (08/29/11) The 64th International Car Show (IAA) attracted again hundreds of exhibitors into the halls of the frankfurter convention. The latest vehicle models and technical novelties were presented. Heart of the vehicle presentations was the show dramaturgy with Lighting, sound and video. The Viennese technology company zactrack was represented with it’s automated Follow- System.

zactrack is an automated Follow- System. People and objects in motion are tracked with high accuracy and represented in a 3D model. Based on these inputs, various effect devices are controlled to point, to follow, and to focus automatically.

zactrack turns the presentation of new vehicles into a fulminant show element.

The car producer’s exhibition area stands just like the technique for superlatives. 220 tons of lighting equipment is attached to the ceiling of the hall, which has a base area of 11.000 square metres. From a total of 3.500 floodlights, 500 are so- called Moving- Lights, which are operated by zactrack. 

Up to 10 vehicles are staged simultaneously by zactrack every day.

As a Highlight of the model- presentation, the vehicles get lighted fully automatic and recorded with various effects on a circuit in the hall.  The zactrack- system moves not only the car in the right light, but also sets the dynamics of driving in the spotlight. 16 hours a day can deliver up to 10 brand new car models staged at a time by sophisticated lighting effects and at speeds up to 50 km/h. 

zactrack strengthens the perfect sound of the engines- position- related!

zactrack also realizes an improvement of the vehicle’s sounds. Using a variety of speakers which are supplied with positioning data by zactrack, the sounds of the engines are entrained authentically according to the actual position of the car in the hall and ensure the right feeling. This authenticity is one of the most important criteria.

Premiere of zactrack’s system in this dimension.

Following successful system operations such as Holiday on Ice and the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, this was another prestigious project for the team led by CEO Mag. Werner Petricek.





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