Review: zactrack at the Showtech 2011

From 7th to 9th June the Messe Berlin took centre stage for stage technology, equipment and event services in Europe. It was already the second time that high-tech company zactrack participated in this renowned great fair. The zactrack team showcased and presented the whole zactrack system with its wireless position measurement LPM, automated moving lights, interactive video projectors and the new camera control.

Zactrack is an automated tracking system. Moving objects and people can be captured with pinpoint precision and tracked with various effect devices (e.g. light, video, sound) steadily and accurately.

In cooperation with the projection specialists from Rezac, zactrack used an area of over 72 square metres to show all the functionalities and possible applications of the zactrack system effectively. Over 7500 visitors seized the opportunity and took a closer look at our unique tracking system during the spectacular live shows.

The magic zactrack ball inspired visitors!

The main actor in one of the installations was a foam rubber soccer ball. It was lit by several spots as well as captured by cameras automatically in real-time, regardless of its position or movements. As the alignment as well as the focus and zoom-angle of the cameras were adjusted completely automatically, the ball game seemed like magic. Visitors could not only actually play in the spotlight, but also virtually watch the soccer match on a flat screen.

Lots of new contacts, amazed faces and astonished visitors!

Top-class business and trade professionals from all over the world as well as the competing firms in the stage technology sector were impressed by zactrack’s performance. CEO Werner Petricek noted in retrospect: “There is a substantial increase in the number of business and trade professionals who attended this year’s exhibition. Furthermore, the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas between specialists and peers is deepening. This year’s exhibition of the zactrack tracking system was also accompanied by a great overall increase in the willingness to invest in this kind of technology.”

All in all, a very successful performance!






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