Founding of zkoor Ltd.
August 05
Funding granted for zactrack® August 05
First office in the Kratochwjlestrasse, Vienna 1220 September 05
Presentation of the first zactrack® prototype December 05



Relocation of the office to the Museumsquartier, Quartier 21, Vienna 1070 February 06
Conclusion of the financial negotiations and allocation of a 10% share March 06
First test runs of zactrack® at Studio44 and Vienna State Opera
April 06
First use of zactrack® at a production of the Tanzquartier Wien October 06
Taking out the AWS Double Equity Loan November 06
First test run of zactrack® at the Wiener Stadthalle November 06



Interactive music performance using zactrack®, Ensemble exxj Sammlung Essl April 07
Interaktive music performance mit zactrack®, Ensemble exxj June 07
Presentation of zactrack® at the "MEET08" in Bregenz May 07
Live application of zactrack® in "Wiener Blut“ at the floating stage in Mörbisch
July 07
Presentation of zactrack® at ORF (Austrian Broadcasting)
August 07
First presentation of the zacturn® 360° panorama terminal August 07
Zacturn® project start for the SIEMENS City Vienna September 07
Workshop mit the Austrian Society for Stage Technology (OETHG) at ORF October 07



Start of partnership with EAE, Hamburg, Dresden, D January 08
zacturn® start of project for the "Seestadt Aspern"
January 08
Presentation of zactrack®  für Stage Entertainment Holding, Hamburg, D January 08
Starting project development of ARTEA3D® February 08
zacturn® Roadshow at SIEMENS City Vienna May 08
First test run of zactrack® for Holiday on Ice, Utrecht, NL June 08
Zacturn® for Seestadt Aspern at "Messe Real Vienna" June 08
Demonstration of zactrack® at „3D-Sound“ Bregenzer Festspiele July 08
zacturn® for Seestadt Aspern at "Messe Expo Real" München, D October 08
Development of the zacturn® Filght Simulator for Seestadt Aspern November 08
ARTEA3D® implementation at the Hans Otto Theatre Potsdam December 08



zacturn® and device delivery to SIEMENS City Vienna January 09
Start of project zacturn® for Stadt Wien, MA18 March 09
Presentation of zactrack® at the Kunsthochschule Wien
May 09
Partnership  von zactrack® and Luc Peumans, Painting with Light, BE May 09
Presentation of zacturn® for Seestadt Aspern at "Messe Real Vienna" May 09
zactrack® becomes „Official Lighting Partner“ of Holiday on Ice
June 09
Presentation of zactrack® at the Showtech in Berlin
June 09
Presentation of ARTEA3D® at the Showtech in Berlin
July 09
First presentation of zacturn® for Stadt Wien, MA18, „3D Cityflight“ October 09
zacturn® for Seestadt Aspern at the Messe Expo Real München, D November 09
Implementation of zactrack® in the Holiday on Ice Show „Tropicana“ December 09
ARTEA3D® Implementation a the Prinzregententheater München December 09


zacturn® at the E-Day of the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich March 10
Opening of the Planungswerkstätte with a zacturn® terminal April 10
zactrack® at the EXPO Shanghai (May- October)
May 10
zacturn® Terminal of Aspern at the Real Vienna May 10
Opening of Siemens City with the "Siemens Terminal" of zacturn® June 10
Sea festival in Aspern with the "Aspern Terminal" of zacturn®
June 10
5- years celebration and presentation of the new rooms in the Rotensterngasse 21/1
September 10
Landhaus NÖ, Exhibition of zacturn® at the Foyer of the house 1a
September 10
"Aspern Terminal" of zacturn® at the open house day of the GM-factory Aspern September 10
Research festival Pusterwiese with the MA18 Terminal of zacturn® September 10
Holiday on Ice premiere of the zactrack® system at the O2 World Hamburg November 10
Exhibition of the zacturn® "Aspern Terminal" at the HTL Donaustadt December 10



Exhibition opening GIS with the zacturn® "Geo Date City Terminal" January 11
Opening of the Post Oil City with the zacturn® "Aspern Terminal" January 11
Operation of the zactrack® follow system at the Ice Revue Holiday on Ice "TROPICANA"
January 11
zacturn® at the opening of the Grünraum Planungswerkstätten April 11
zactrack® at the SHOWTECH 2011 Berlin, Germany June 11

zactrack® at the 64. IAA (International Autombile Exhibition) in Frankfurt

               August 11
zacturn® as a highlight of the exhibition "space for the city"-vienna city museum   October 11

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