Fields of application and benefits

Real-time visualisation of stage machinery, scenery and effects facilitates productive work and makes it easier.

One standardised system from the development of concepts and ideas, the production planning to the completion of the show.

Reduction of the overall production time due to well-timed, more accurate and reliable planning, production scheduling and preparation as well as more productive rehearsals.

Reducing costs through more efficient time management, a more precisely planned and executed production process (scenery, rehearsals …) and faster decision-making (possibilities, feasibility, methods, requirements)

Effective assignment of personnel, avoiding overtime.

Objectively assessing risks and therefore avoiding accidents as well as damage to stage machinery and scenery.

Linking and coordinating stage machinery, lighting, video and camera systems. 

Seemless integration into zactrack possible.

Great increase in security and automated position detection while linked to zactrack.


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