Some Highlights of zacview

Visualisation in real-time and 3D with a one-of-a-kind flexibility, precision and most realistic depiction of stage machinery, scenery as well as effects units and their interaction

Complete and unrestricted visualisation of all scenery and stage technology elements

Unlimited and user-friendly scenery maintenance and management (*.obj, *.3ds) with integrated on-board scaling options.

Unique collision detection for all parts of scenery, stage technology elements and other fixed parts of the interior.

Advanced usage of digitally designed objects, their masses and dimensions, by means of an extremely realistic simulation of physics.

Augmented Reality – the ability to blend camera footage and simulation content (e.g. superimposing a real picture with the corresponding image of the visualisation, looking through drop curtains and doors).

Simple scene and performance management including all the relevant scenery.

Free to choose 3D stage centre and true-to-scale grid, instrumental in scaling and positioning.

Modular system as promising basis for boundless adaptation through extensions in the future.


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